Legal communications

Taking the fight outside of the courtroom.

International legal cases are not won and lost only in the courtroom: the arguments are also played out in the media. And the court of public opinion has often delivered its own verdict long before a judge ever does.
Legal communications
High profile and precedent-setting cases can be directly influenced by a press campaign supporting one side and their legal team.
We shape perceptions and the narrative driving their coverage in the media.

BTP Advisers has led international media relations for legal cases before the International Criminal Court, and other United Nations-sponsored international tribunals at the Hague. We have represented clients in cases from human rights, war crimes, multi-country class actions, and capital punishment cases - to extradition proceedings, missing persons, incommunicado detention, and defamation.

Working hand in hand with counsel to ensure the integration of all media and legal efforts, we appreciate that politics and the law are interlinked – and how empowering our clients to navigate these multiple hurdles can be critical to winning their case.

“BTP’s experience in litigation PR is second to none. They are real professionals”
- Rodney Dixon QC, Temple Garden Chambers.
“I have worked with BTP’s team on sensitive and complex international legal cases. Every time they make an immediate impact. They are the industry’s finest”
- Toby Cadman founder, Guernica37 International Justice Chambers.

International Media

International Media

We understand the media – what drives it, how it responds, what it is interested in.

With that knowledge we can help make sure you and your side of the story are heard - where and when you need to be. Either you lead the conversation - or someone else is shaping what people think about you.



Winning elections across the world.

To triumph in an election, a candidate, party, or cause needs to master a combination of communications and logistics - often for months or years before a poll. Their messages must be tested and resonate with the correct demographic. They must speak in a language that the electorate understands. And their organization on the ground must be faultless. Winning elections is not simply a PR exercise.