We are a multi-award winning international communications agency. We advise governments, businesses, organisations and individuals, delivering campaigns that have a truly lasting impact.



Everything is different now. The public is the most untrusting it has ever been. Politicians and business leaders are scrutinised like never before. If you are a government, a business, or an individual in the spotlight, the outlook has never been more complex. At the same time, with the support of those who know how to communicate with your audiences effectively, the opportunity to advance your cause has never been greater.

At BTP Advisers, we judge ourselves on results, and results alone. Our campaigns are constructed and delivered with genuine impact.

From research, messaging, strategic advice, training and content delivery, we are meticulous in our approach. We understand that targeting the right audience with a focused message can have a transformative effect.

That’s why BTP Advisers are three time PRWeek Global Award Winners.

Media Relations

We understand the media – what drives it, how it responds, what it is interested in. With that knowledge we can help make sure that your side of the story gets through to the people that need to hear it. If you are not part of that conversation then someone else is shaping what people think about you.

BTP Advisers has molded the reputations of Heads of State, governments, Nobel Prize winners, companies, business leaders and charities through our media campaigns. Our work is international as well as local. We are meticulous about our strategy, from messaging to delivery. Our campaigns are ruthlessly focused until our client’s eventual goal is met.

Gaining the coverage you need in print, broadcast or online, countering the spread of negative news, adapting to the demands of 24 hour news cycle, creating engaging content and making your story heard in the right way – this is media relations. This is what we deliver.

Crisis Management

BTP have won two consecutive PRWeek Global Awards for crisis management. It’s the highest accolade in the communications industry. It comes from years of experience in handling complex crises that cross borders and challenge reputations.

No organisation is immune from a communications crisis. In today’s digital age, a seemingly inconspicuous issue can soon gain a life of its own - controlling the news agenda is harder than ever before.

We have worked with private offices, companies and governments to react quickly when they are thrust into the spotlight. We understand our clients’ need to immediately reassure key stakeholders, protect global brands and stem further negative coverage. We provide considered and seasoned strategic counsel; matching the right team to the right project, using our staff’s experience where it is needed most. Our crisis team has advised clients during disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks, criminal investigations, investigative media reports and post-election disputes.

Political Campaigning

Our elections team have delivered 7 presidents, over 72 million votes and 1100 parliamentary lawmakers.  We have worked on successful campaigns and referenda across the world. Our record speaks for itself. We’re determined to keep it that way.

To win, a candidate or party needs to master a combination of communications and logistics, often for months or years before a poll. Their messages must be tested and resonate with the right demographic. They must speak a language that the electorate understands. Their organisation on the ground must be faultless. Winning elections is not simply about PR.

The development of mass media, social networks, citizens casting their votes based on their economic circumstance rather than geographical location – these factors have changed elections forever. 

And these changes are not just happening in Europe or America, they are affecting Africa, Asia and Latin America too. To ensure victory at the polls, every candidate and party needs advisers who can guide and manage their campaign based on deep and relevant experience of winning elections.

We have been trusted partners to campaigns in the UK, Europe, Africa and North America. We understand politics and what it takes to secure victory.

Legal & Litigation PR

When the fight goes outside the courtroom, the BTP Advisers legal and litigations team is one of the most experienced in the industry. 

The arguments in legal cases are often played out in public. Public opinion can deliver its own verdict long before a judge does. The verdict of high profile and precedent-setting cases can be directly influenced by a media campaign that supports one side and their legal team.

Our team works closely with counsel to ensure PR and legal work is integrated and complementary. We understand that, in some countries, politics and the law are interlinked. We know to appreciate local power dynamics as well as international law. 

We have worked on cases at the International Criminal Court and UN international tribunals. We represent clients in capital punishment cases, extradition proceedings, missing persons, incommunicado detention and defamation.

BTP Advisers have built an enviable network of respected international legal counsel that specialise in human rights, war crimes, arbitrary detention and extradition. These are partnerships where our clients always know they have the right team behind them.



2016 Winner

Issues & Crisis Category - Nigeria’s New Leaders for APC & The Government of Nigeria

2015 Winner

Issues & Crisis Category - The Ebola Outbreak for the Government of Liberia

2010 Winner

The Government of Rwanda (in partnership with Racepoint Global)

2017 Certificate of Excellence

Best Agency Website

2016 Finalist

Best Issues Campaign - Nigeria’s New Leaders for APC & The Government of Nigeria


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